A Billion Dollar Idea

A Billion Dollar Idea

Posted on 07. Jan, 2013 by forouzani in Business

As a founder, sometimes you sit back and try to think of the next big project you want to work on. Something with a big market and huge potential. A billion dollar idea.

After reading Paul Graham’s Ideas for startups, it really makes you think on a whole different scale. So here are a couple of billion dollar ideas coming in the near future…

1. Make Your Skin White

Think about it – if you could produce a pill or some other type of medicine, that would turn black skin to white skin – the demand for this product would be astronomical. With the entire human genome mapped, all you need to do is kill the melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation. Think of it as induced Vitiligo.
I understand this idea is very controvercial in many different ways, and I am not stating such a product would have a positive impact on society – I truely believe it will be detrimental – but it would be a billion dollar idea nonetheless.


2. Teleportation Machine

This is not as impossible as it sounds. Right now, teleportation of basic objects is already possible. To teleport, you need to take an object from location A, and move it to location B. Well… the move part is debatable, you could destroy the object at location A, and recreate it at location B.

Imagine a large oven than can reach extremely high temperatures – i.e. it is capable of incineration. Install some cameras in it to allow for 3D scanning. Put this oven at location A. Now take a 3D printer to location B. You can now 3D scan an object – like a cup – then incinerate it, then send the 3D model of the object to location B (via an internet connection) where it will be 3D printed.

This works for simple objects that can be 3D printed right now, and it is only a matter of time before technology enables 3D printing of much more complicated objects… like say, a human being. Whoever achieves this first will be addressing a multi-billion dollar industry; as well as destroying industries such as the airline industry and auto industry.

Do you foresee any other billion dollar ideas coming in the near future?